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Swedish Massage: Relaxing and therapeutic. Great for relief of muscle tension and de-stressing. 1 Hour - $70 (each additional ½ Hour - $35)

Sports, Myo-Fascial or Deep Tissue Massage: techniques are used that go deeper to release locked-in patterns, reestablish full range of motion and improve strength and performance. 1 Hour - $80 (each additional ½ Hour - $40)

Aromatherapy Body Massage: a massage enhanced with nature's essential oils, blended specifically for you. 1 Hour - $80 (each additional ½ Hour - $40)

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: A gentle full body massage with the emphasis on stimulation of the lymphatic system to aid in the elimination of toxins and retained water. An excellent follow-up to the Detox Wrap or Mud Wrap. 1 Hour - $70

Raindrop Therapy: Nine different essential oils are dropped onto the back and massaged in one after another. The muscles of the back are then relaxed and balanced, pain and inflammation are relieved. The legs are also massaged. Add ½ hr. if you want a full massage. 1 Hour - $85 (each additional ½ Hour - $40)

Pre-Natal Massage: A full body massage with the emphasis on reducing the discomfort and stress of pregnancy. Special pads are used to support the body without pressure being applied to the abdomen. 1 Hour - $75 (each additional ½ Hour - $35)

Foot Reflexology: Much more than a foot massage, this scientific massage technique uses points on the feet that correspond to every part of the body to ease pain, improve functions and ease stress. 1 Hour - $70 (½ hr. added to any 1 hr. service - $35)

Facial Massage:This treatment is great for toning and relaxing the facial muscles and skin. The pressure points used help with headaches, sinus pressure and TMJ problems.  30 min.  added to any 1 hr. service - $35

Hot Stone Massage: A full body massage is combined with the penetrating heat of the stones. The stones are used to iron out tight areas in the body and are laid out on the body to restore balance. 1 ½ Hour - $120 (each additional ½ Hour - $40)

Butterfly Massage: A 30 minute Butterfly Wrap (see below) combined with a 60 minute relaxing Swedish Massage for 90 minutes of warm bliss. 1 ½ Hour - $115 (each additional ½ Hour - $35)

Body Treatments

"The Butterfly" (Soothing or Detox) Wrap: Natural plant essences and warm wet towels combine to hydrate and soften your skin, ease stress, and soothe your muscles and nerves or stimulate the release of toxins and waste products while you relax, wrapped in a cocoon of peace and comfort. Ends with a 25 minute mini-massage.

1 Hour - $80

Dry Brush/Warm Oil: The skin is gently exfoliated and the flow of the blood and lymph is stimulated as you are dry brushed. Then a warm blend of essential oils is applied to soothe the body and mind, while nurturing the skin. 1 Hour - $80

Chakra Balancing: Your Chakra System will be evaluated and any imbalances will be corrected, allowing the energy to move freely. When your energy systems function more efficiently, you feel more energetic, other imbalances will correct themselves, and you will handle stresses better. 1Hour - $70

CranioSacral Therapy: Using very light pressure along the spine and on the head and face, blockages to the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid are released. With proper flow reestablished, the body can start to heal and function normally. 1 ½ Hours - $110

Personal Stress Management Counseling: In a one-on-one session, you will be aided in identifying and assessing the stressors in your life. Then you will be guided in developing ways to handle, reduce or eliminate distress and establish peace and harmony. 1 Hour - $70 2 Hours - $120

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